Secondary school

Our secondary program engages Grades 6–12 students with a rigorous curriculum that inspires within them a love of lifelong learning.

A warm welcome from our Principal

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Welcome to LifePlus Online Academy! I am honored to introduce you to our inspiring team of teachers, engaging course selections and aspiring scholars representing cultures from all over the world.

At LifePlus Online Academy, we recognize that learning extends far past the four walls of a traditional classroom. We celebrate all forms of learning styles and opportunities, aiming to inspire students to truly take ownership of their learning through online course options that fuel their passions, ignite their ambitions and light their future paths. Our courses serve as an extension to our students’ current K–12 programs and are taught by highly qualified educators who equip our students to embrace and strive after commitments to learn, love and lead within their spheres of influence.

We invite secondary students to join our virtual learning community to broaden their academic options, explore their passions and grow as 21st century learners.

Randy Attaway
Secondary Principal

Bringing the curriculum to life

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The online classroom

All our courses are structured around two academic semesters each year. Students work at their own pace, taking part in up to three hour-long, live sessions with teachers every week to complement their offline studies. Our teachers help students to stay on track by providing them with regular feedback through our learning plaform, Canvas; by email; and via our parent-teacher conferences.

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Bright minds, big hearts

Wherever they are in the world, our students have access to high-quality, subject-matter experts. Teachers make themselves available outside of class for both students and their parents to ask questions and get extra help. We don’t pick our teachers purely for their academic excellence, but also for their commitment to student wellbeing. LifePlus Online Academy teachers ensure our students are heard, cared for, and prepared.

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Breaking out of boundaries

As part of our holistic approach to education, we offer students the opportunity to study a wide range of electives including fine arts, technical arts, technical sciences, Chinese language and culture, and even physical education. These extra classes provide students with unique, new experiences and help them express themselves outside of their core subject areas.

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Sharing in success

Our Cognia-accredited curriculum is designed to give secondary students rich, engaging, and challenging studies that improve their skills and fulfil their potential. We help every student to grow in the responsibility they take for their own college and career readiness.

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Building character

Students truly flourish when they grow in both competence and character. Complementing the excellence of our academic teaching, we invite students to attend daily ‘Homerooms’ with other students from the same grade and time zone. Time spent with others this way gives all our students the chance to develop relational skills, reflect on real-life situations, and be invigorated on their path to learning, loving and leading.

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Part of a worldwide family

Our students won’t truly excel by staying in the classroom. That’s why we also give them unique opportunities to learn with (and from) other LifePlus students, teachers and alumni across Asia and the Middle East; working together on different projects, and sharing and celebrating with each other at online gatherings.  

Our Secondary teaching team

Kim McElroy

English Language Art Teacher

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Matias Celi

Computer Science Teacher

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Dana Chisholm

Social Studies Teacher

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Alessandra Hansen, Ed.D

Capstone and Psychology Teacher

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Glen Walenda

Science Teacher

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Debbie Sue Blanks

Science Teacher

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Randy Attaway

English Program Director, AP Co-ordinator

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Wendy Poling

Statistics Teacher

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Recognized for excellence

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LifePlus Online Academy is accredited by Cognia, the largest education improvement organization in the world—demonstrating our commitment to learners, teachers, leaders and communities.

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