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By encouraging students to embrace Chinese language and culture, we inspire them to master their communication skills and discover a remarkable world.

A warm welcome from our Principal

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Nǐ hǎo! Welcome to our community! Here at LifePlus Online Academy, students from around the world excel academically and live abundant lives while learning Chinese online anytime, anywhere.

Beyond simple language learning, we help students succeed academically, strengthen their cultural and family ties, and develop a stronger sense of character. Our global online community immerses students in live instruction with native-speaking teachers and cultural activities the whole family can enjoy together.

Come and join our vibrant international family and discover a whole new world of opportunity.

Eva Liu
Academic Principal of Chinese Programming

Why discover Chinese with LifePlus?

Our Chinese language and culture courses serve K–12 students who wish to learn more about China’s heritage and improve how they communicate in Chinese.

Regional classes are kept small and interactive. We meet up to three times a week to immerse students in all four aspects of Chinese communication: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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Courses are offered at all levels, with students grouped according to their region, ability and grade.

Our teachers meet students at their level of understanding of Chinese culture and language, inspiring them to persevere in their learning as they grow and flourish.

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Since the ancient dynasties, the Chinese language has served as a carrier of Chinese culture. By studying language and participating in cultural activities, students experience authentic Chinese culture and see ancient China through a modern lens.

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Our Chinese language and culture courses include…

K–12 Chinese classes at Beginner, Intermediate, Heritage and Native levels Chinese History and Culture Chinese Literature Chinese Reading Chinese Writing Chinese Enrichment Chinese Intensive Spoken Communication HSK 6 Exam Preparation

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Courses for every student

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Taking first steps


This course is for a beginner learning Chinese as a second language. Students will acquire some basic knowledge of Chinese characters, while Pinyin—the official romanization system for Standard Mandarin Chinese in China—will be taught to learn the spoken language. This will help students build a foundation for life-long Chinese learning.

Through the year, students can reach a basic level of conversational Chinese, find an interest in Chinese characters, and learn to read simple nursery rhymes and poems in Pinyin.

We will provide some Chinese cultural information, which will help students gain an understanding of Chinese geography, social life, history and culture – enhancing their enthusiasm to learn Chinese.

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Developing language skills


Intermediate Chinese is designed to help students develop their competence in the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Students will learn basic vocabulary and sentence structure to use in everyday situations through various forms of oral practice, and will be able to: express themselves with the right words and phrases, plus read and write short paragraphs.

The course emphasizes the functional usage of Chinese language.

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Finding your voice


Advanced Chinese is designed to refine and further develop students’ capabilities in Chinese oral and formal written communication. Students will be able to express themselves in a richer choice of words and phrases, read more advanced text, and write more complex paragraphs.

For students to feel enriched, they will engage in activities such as debating, reciting, planning and undertaking research.

Through a variety of teaching and learning activities, students will better understand Chinese culture, gain language sense and improve their language abilities.

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Mastering Chinese


Native Chinese is a high-level class designed for those of native or near-native language ability. Students focus on literature, grammar and writing. They gain enhanced listening and reading comprehension and achieve high levels in speaking and writing skills.

Through texts from native curricular resources, modern Chinese literature and articles, students are challenged to express more refined thoughts, and to use sentences with the most complex structures.

Our Chinese teaching team

Ruth Li

Chinese Language Teacher

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Yuanjing Liu

Chinese Language Teacher

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Chinese Language Teacher

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Mathilda Yin

Chinese Language Teacher

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Chinese Language Teacher

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Chinese Language Teacher

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Eva Liu, M.Ed.

LifePlus Online Academy Chinese Program Director

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Hope Lu Miltenberger

Chinese Language Teacher

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