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Learning Chinese in pictures and word games

October 09, 2023

Learning with word games

The kindergarten Chinese class completed systematic learning of pinyin and basic Chinese characters. After three months of focus on pinyin, they are now independent readers. Interesting word games not only establish interdisciplinary connections, but also enrich children's language interaction.

So many questions!

Grade one students learn to use questions words: who, what, where, why, when and how. They ask questions of pictures and develop stories from these images. Observation and questioning skills are key to learn expression and how to be curious about the world around us.

Expressing new ideas through pictures

With guidance, Grade two students describe the meaning of multiple pictures, imagine the artistic conception of a poem, and apply the poem to their lives to further understand the meaning of the words. They use their imagination to explore how different pictures fit together and to express their unique feelings about the images.

Whole book reading

Grade three students took the initiative to read a large number of texts and actively shared and recommended them with classmates. This kind of whole-book, immersive reading improves listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and also stimulates interest in reading.

Gathering wisdom through interviews

Grade 4 students used the Five Senses Method to imagine the people and events in a painting. They used writing tools to sort ideas and express their thoughts.

In Grade 5, students read classic childhood stories. They interviewed family members about their childhood and made connections to guide them to live a better life, to learn to be grateful and how better to love others.